KS-042 Succulent | Delivery to Los Angeles Vicinity Only

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Our KS-042 Succulent are hand-delivered directly to the recipient within the Los Angeles vicinity only.

🌿 Please note that the displayed image is of a 5" size.


Watering every other week is recommended or when the soil has dried out completely. Use a finger or wooden stick to poke deep into the soil to check the wetness/humidity. If damp, wait 7-15 days and check again. If moderately humid, wait 3-4 days and check again. If dry, water thoroughly (approximately 10oz). Avoid both overwatering. Pour water where the roots start (directly to the soil) When cactuses and succulents are grouped in a pot, water from the edge or in between plants to water the soil.

An air plant will not grow in soil. Don’t even try it.

Soaking is the best way to ensure that your plants are getting enough water. You can use misting in-between normal soaking or dunking.