KO-004 | Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids | Hand-Delivery to Los Angeles Vicinity Only

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Orchid arrangement is Kahee's custom-made upon ordering to ensure the best condition, and if needed, a confirmation image will be provided

Please note that depending on the season, some plants may be weaker or unavailable, and the colors may vary

How to Care

  • Orchids should be watered every 5-7 days, or when the pot feels light.
  • Do not over-water, and make sure it’s not sitting in excess water.
  • It is important that your orchid does not get any direct sunlight on its leaves.
  • Orchids prefer warmer temperatures and do well in regular “in house” temperatures of between 60-75.
  • Your orchid will be happiest in a well-ventilated area with about 60% humidity.