How to use herb soil powder paint

1. Powder : water = 3 : 2 ratio.

2. Mix with a stirrer or rod to completely dissolve the powder in  water.

3. Use after about 20 minutes.

4. Roll a “W” on the wall with the roller, filling the empty spaces in a top to bottom motion.

5. Wait 1-2 hours until paint is completely dry and recoat using the same process as step 4.


🌿 Use the product within 2 days after mixing with water.
🌿 Over properly prepared coated and uncoated Interior surfaces.
🌿 Spread in one direction on the second application.
🌿 Wait 20~30 minutes after mixing with water prior application.
🌿 Small grains may be noticed due to its natural ingredients.
🌿 Avoid breathing mist.
🌿 Keep out of reach of children.
🌿 Keep the workplace well ventilated when applying and drying.
🌿 Wear protective glasses, gloves, and a face mask.
🌿 It's ideal for Kids Rooms, Bedrooms, Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Hallways and Ceilings. 
🌿 A large amount of herbs (medicinal substances) are added, so it can be seen on the paint.
  🌿Avoid direct sunlight.
🌿 Store in a well ventilated place under 90 F.


⛑️ Eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes.
⛑️ Skin contact: Wash off with soap and water.
⛑️ If inhaled: Move person into fresh air.
⛑️ If swallowed: Rinse mouth with water.

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Organic Paint

  • [ NON - TOXIC PAINT ] Aids in detoxification by strengthening the body's filtration and cleaning systems and boosting immune systems. Has a calming and healing effect on the nervous system - Herb soil paint is the topnotch paint made by people who antagonize the existing paints containing many harmful chemicals called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), heavy metal, radon, and radioactive elements
  • [ NATURAL EARTH PAINT ] Herb soil paint by Kahee's plants can improve the quality of life by keeping us from inhaling chemicals and also providing a safer environment even for young generations.It can be actualized because of the benefits of natures like clay, herbs, and plants
  • [ ECO - FRIENDLY & SAFE PAINT ] Herb soil paint is a healing paint made by grinding various functions of soil, herbs, and medicinal materials, and is a paint of dreams that rebelled against liquid paint filled with organic compounds. It is a natural powdered herbal paint that you can experience
  • [ NON - CHEMICAL PAINT ] Most common paints on the market contain chemicals that cause breathing difficulties and skin irritation. The main cause of allergies, now we can catch it. Eco-friendly herb soil paint that now solves these problems. Herb soil made from soil and natural herbs as the main ingredients does not contain formaldehyde, harmful heavy metals, and organic compounds contained in general paints
  • [ ORGANIC PAINT FOR KIDS ] This non-toxic soil based paint takes one step further to meet the strict standards for safety of children even for pets and to provide a healing effect to our home. Over properly prepared coated and uncoated Interior surfaces. It's ideal for Kids Rooms, Bedrooms, Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Hallways and Ceilings. One gallon of paint will cover up to 300 to 350 square feet