About herb soil powder paint

Herb Soil Paint is a healing paint made by grinding various functions of soil, herbs, and medicinal materials, and is a paint of dreams that rebelled against liquid paint filled with organic compounds.

 It is a natural powdered herbal paint that you can experience


Natural organic herbal soil that does not contain any chemicals from paints and construction materials when health is considered important as these days.
Product Name: Herb soil paint 
Paint type: DIY powder type paint
Use: Paint for interior use
Diluent: Water dilution ratio (product: water): 3:2
Country of manufacture: Made in Korea

Eco-friendly paint made of soil and natural materials

What is premium natural clay and herb paint?

HERB SOIL PAINT is an eco-friendly powder paint made with various kinds of clay, herbs, and plants from nature. It is the topnotch paint made by people who antagonize the existing paints containing many harmful chemicals called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), heavy metal, radon, and radioactive elements.

HERB SOIL PAINT can improve the quality of life by keeping us from inhaling chemicals and also providing a safer environment even for young generations.
It can be actualized because of the benefits of natures like clay, herbs, and plants.

Most common paints on the market contain chemicals that cause breathing difficulties and skin irritation.The main cause of allergies, now we can catch it.

Eco-friendly herb soil paint that now solves these problems.

Herb soil made from soil and natural herbs as the main ingredients does not contain formaldehyde, harmful heavy metals, and organic compounds contained in general paints.

The soil is also characterized by using only loess collected from clean areas, not ordinary soil.
2000 mesh of very fine soil, which is used as a raw material for cosmetics, is collected and aged in a natural state to make it full of useful microorganisms, and 10 kinds of herbs are added to add natural healing and aroma effects. Also, from ancient times, ancestors recognized the benefits of loess and used loess in their homes.

Paint made with natural clay and herb

This loess is widely known to have far-infrared emission, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and insect repellent effects.
Therefore, it has a flame-retardant function, absorption and decomposition of harmful substances, deodorization, air purification, thermal insulation, cold insulation, and thermal insulation protection by using non-combustible Class A materials. 
organic paint color - Herb soil paint
Unlike conventional paints, herbal soap is released in powder form, so anyone can easily paint it by mixing it with water, and because the remaining material is powder, it is easy to store without worrying about hardening or spilling.
This herb soil has different colors depending on the soil component. It is based on the same color as white clay and ocher, and there are 10 natural herbs and minerals-lavender, rosemary, cypress, peppermint, cinnamon, indigo, green tea, and jade. Each was added. The characteristic and unique color of this herb ingredient can express various colors depending on the saturation, thereby relieving the fatigue of modern people who are tired of urban life and making them comfortable.
Natural organic herbal soil that does not contain any chemicals from paints and construction materials when health is considered important as these days.
Product range: Jade, white clay, houttuynia cordata, rosemary, lavender, green tea, pine needles, cypress, peppermint, indigo, cinnamon, mud, charcoal, etc.