Precautions for use


1. Use the product within 2 days after mixing with water.
2. Spread in one direction on the second application.
3. Wait 20~30 minutes after mixing with water prior application.
4. Small grains may be noticed due to its natural ingredients.
5. Avoid breathing mist.
6. Keep out of reach of children.
7. Keep the workplace well ventilated when applying and drying.
8. Wear protective glasses, gloves, and a face mask.


1. Eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes.
2. Skin contact: Wash off with soap and water.
3. If inhaled: Move person into fresh air.
4. If swallowed: Rinse mouth with water.

1. Avoid direct sunlight.
2. Store in a well ventilated place under 90 F.